Free returns

You can return lost goods easily and free of charge in Lithuania within 14 days. from the day of delivery of the goods in our physical stores or through the Omniva post machine.

Returning goods through postal machines is the most convenient way to return goods, because postal machines work 24/7 and you can place the package at the most convenient time for you.

Non-returnable quality goods: underwear, socks, watches, cosmetics.

If you placed your order online, you must fill out the electronic product return form, which you can find below. There is no need to print the return form.

To exchange an item, please return it and place a new order. You can return/exchange goods in physical stores.

db OUTLET physical stores:

Kaunas, PC Molas: K. Baršauska str. 66A.

I-VI 10:00 - 20:00, VII 10:00 - 19:00.

In Marijampole: V. Kudirkos 3.

I-VI 10:00 - 20:00, VII 10:00 - 19:00.

  • Money is returned within 7 days. from the day the goods arrive at the db OUTLET warehouse and we receive a completed electronic return form.
  • When filling out the electronic form for the return of goods, instead of a refund, you can choose a db OUTLET coupon, the amount of which is equal to the amount of the returned goods. You can use the coupon in our physical and online store for an unlimited time. After receiving the refund, we will send you a discount code and you will not need to use a bank card for other purchases.
  • There are no refunds for gift wrapping.
  • Based on Article 6.363, d. 8 of the Civil Code. the buyer does not have the right to terminate the purchase contract if the lack of the item is insignificant.
The return package must contain:
  1. the returned item must be in its original, neat and undamaged packaging;

  2. the product must be unused, without losing its appearance as a product (label intact, protective film not torn off, etc.) (this clause does not apply in the case of returning a defective product);

  3. the returned product must be of the same configuration as it was received;

  4. returned goods must be placed in additional protective (for transportation) packaging (eg: box or protective envelope).

  5. Order form (so we can identify you). If you no longer have the order sheet, write the order number and send it with the package.

        If you would like to receive a db OUTLET coupon instead of a refund, please email by mail - and you will no longer need to use a bank card for your next shopping.

        If you have any questions, contact e-mail by mail:
        Requests about returning goods will not be processed through social networks.

         How do I return via the Omniva ATM?

        Fill in the product return form and an Omniva return code will be generated for you, which, after entering it, will open the door of the post machine and place the package.

         Pack the package > apply the sticker > scan and place it in the Omniva mail machine.

        A return form is required for all returns.

        Fill out the electronic goods return form

        Disagreeing with the decision made by the Seller regarding the return of the goods, the Buyer has the right to apply to VVTAT. tel. 852626751, on the website, for its territorial units in counties - or fill out the application form on the EGS platform

        Happy shopping!