Terms of use of discount codes

When using an additional discount code during the purchase of goods, which is valid only after fulfilling certain additional conditions and returning part of the goods, the discount code (additional discount) is invalid, because the conditions for using the code become unfulfilled.

In such a case, the amount of the additional discount is accordingly deducted from the total amount of the order.

For example: we want to use the "10EUR" discount code, which is valid for a basket from 100 EUR. We buy 3 products, the total amount of which is EUR 100. After applying the 10 EUR discount code, the total amount of the basket is reduced to 90 EUR.

Then we decide to return 1 product, the amount of which is EUR 30. In this case, you will be refunded EUR 27 for the product, because the conditions of the additional discount code have not been fulfilled.

If you have additional questions regarding the return/exchange of goods, contact e-mail mail - returns@dboutlet.lt