Rules for purchasing goods

Rules for buying and selling goods in the online store ""

1. General provisions

1.1. These rules for the purchase and sale of goods (hereinafter "Rules"), after they have been approved by the Buyer (after getting acquainted with the Rules and ticking the box next to the statement "I agree to the terms of service provision and undertake to comply with them."), is a legal document binding on the parties, which sets out the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller, the terms of purchase and payment for goods, the order of delivery and return of goods, the responsibilities of the parties and others related to the purchase - sale of goods" " related provisions in the online store.

1.2. The Seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the Rules at any time, taking into account the requirements set by legal acts. The registered Buyer will be informed about any changes, corrections or additions when logging in to the "" page, and in order to shop in this online store, he will have to reconfirm the changed Rules.

1.3. The online store "" is sold in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

1.4. The right to buy in our online store is:

1.4.1. active natural persons, i.e. persons who have reached the age of majority, whose capacity is not limited by court order;

1.4.2. minors between fourteen and eighteen years of age, only with the consent of their parents or guardians, except in cases where they independently dispose of their income;

1.4.3. legal entities;

1.4.4. authorized representatives of all the above-mentioned persons.

1.5. By approving the Rules, the buyer confirms that he agrees with the Rules, undertakes to comply with them and has the right to buy goods in the "" online store.

2. Protection of personal data

2.1. Order goods in the online store ""

The buyer can in two ways:

2.1.1. registering on this website by entering your username and password;

2.1.2. without registering on this website.

2.2. When ordering goods, the Buyer must specify his personal data necessary for the proper fulfillment of the goods order in the relevant information fields provided by the Seller: name, surname, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address .

2.3. By approving these Rules, the buyer agrees that his personal data will be processed for the purposes of selling goods and services in the electronic store "".

2.4. The Buyer, by agreeing to the processing of his personal data for the purpose of selling goods and services in the Seller's online store, also agrees that the e-mail address and telephone number provided by him informational messages are sent that are necessary to fulfill the order of goods.

2.5. When placing an order or registering, the customer can express his consent/disagreement to the use of his personal data for direct marketing purposes. He does this by ticking (I agree to the use of her personal data for direct marketing purposes) or by not ticking (I do not agree). We send a monthly newsletter to the e-mail specified by the mail and we make it possible to opt out of the newsletter (at the end of the newsletter there is an option: "opt out" - after clicking, the customer will no longer receive the newsletter)

2.6. The Seller confirms that the personal data specified by the Buyer will be processed only in the electronic store for the sale of goods and services "", for analysis of the Seller's activities and direct marketing (except cases where the Buyer refuses to have his personal data processed for the purpose of direct marketing). The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Buyer's personal data to third parties, except for the Seller's partners who provide goods delivery or other services related to the proper fulfillment of the Buyer's order. In all other cases, the Buyer's personal data data can be disclosed to third parties only in accordance with the procedure provided by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

2.7. The buyer who wishes to order partner services offered in the Seller's online store can do so by expressing his consent for his clearly specified personal data to be transferred to the relevant partner for the purpose of providing ordered services.

3. The moment of conclusion of the purchase-sale contract

3.1. The contract between the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer, after choosing the product(s) to be purchased and creating a shopping cart, clicks on the "Order" link , and the Seller has contacted the Buyer by the telephone specified by him, or by e-mail. by mail, confirms the order by sending an e-mail by mail about order confirmation.

3.2. The Seller has the right to cancel the orders placed if the Buyer does not pay for the ordered goods within 24 hours. from the Seller's confirmation of receipt of the submitted order. The order and terms of payment for goods are set out in Chapter 8 of these Rules.

3.3. Each purchase and sale agreement concluded between the Buyer and the Seller is registered and stored in the database of the "" online store.

4. Buyer rights

4.1. The buyer has the right to buy goods in the online store "" in accordance with the procedure set out in these Rules and other information sections of the Seller's online store.

4.2. The buyer has the right to access his personal data and the right to demand the correction of incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate personal data by submitting such a request to the Seller by e-mail. By mail: info@dboutlet.ltor by contacting the Seller by phone (tel. no: +370 6066 26 86). The Seller corrects/corrects the data specified by the Buyer no later than within 3 (three) working days.

4.3. The buyer has the right to refuse the contract of purchase and sale of goods concluded with the "" online store by notifying the Seller in writing (e-mail info@, specifying the item you wish to return and its order number) no later than within 14 (fourteen) working days from the day of delivery of the item.

4.4. The right provided for in Clause 4.3 of the Rules can be exercised only by the Buyer who, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Lithuania (Zin., 1994, No. 94-1833; 2007, No. 12-488) is considered a consumer, i.e. a natural person who declares his will to buy, buys and uses a product or service to satisfy personal, family, household needs that are not related to business or profession.

4.5. Abandonment under Rule 4.Clause 3 rules are determined by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Rules for the Sale of Goods and the Provision of Services when Contracts are Signed Using Communication Means, approved by the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania on August 17, 2001. by order no. 258 (Zin., 2001, No. 73-2583; 2011, No. 161-7654).

4.6. The buyer (user) can exercise the right to refuse the purchase of goods - sales contract only if the goods have not been damaged or their appearance has not changed substantially. Changes to the appearance of the product or its packaging, which were necessary to inspect the received product, are not considered essential changes to the appearance of the product.

5. Obligations of Buyer

5.1 . The buyer must pay for the goods and accept them in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules (Chapters 8 and 9 of the Rules).

5.2. After registering, the Buyer undertakes not to transfer his login data to third parties. If the Buyer loses his login data, he must immediately inform the Seller about this via the means of communication specified in the "Contacts" section.

5.3. If the data provided in the registration form of the registered Buyer changes, he must update them immediately.

5.4. After submitting a written notice of withdrawal from the contract, the Buyer (user) must return the product (if it was delivered to the Buyer) within 14 (fourteen) calendar days at the latest to the following The Seller's goods pick-up point specified in clause 9.3.1 of the Rules.

5.5. The buyer, using the "" online store, undertakes to comply with these Rules, other conditions clearly indicated in the online store, and not to violate the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

6. Seller Rights

6.1. The seller has the right to determine the minimum size of the shopping cart at his discretion, i.e. the minimum amount, upon reaching which the Buyer's order will be executed. The size of this amount can be seen when viewing the shopping cart.

6.2. If the Buyer tries to harm the stability and security of the online store or violates his obligations, the Seller has the right to limit or suspend his access to the online store immediately and without warning or in exceptional cases cancel the Buyer's registration or block access to the online store from certain IP addresses.

6.3. In the event of important circumstances, the Seller may temporarily or completely terminate the operation of the online store without notifying the Buyer in advance.

7. Obligations of the Seller

7.1. The Seller undertakes to enable the Buyer to use the services provided by the online store "" under the conditions set out in these Rules and the online store.

7.2. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer's privacy right to personal information belonging to him, i.e. The personal data specified by the buyer shall be processed only in accordance with Chapter 2 of the Rules and the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.3. The Seller undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer to the address specified by him under the conditions specified in Chapter 9 of the Rules.

7.4. The Seller, unable to deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer due to important circumstances, undertakes to offer an analogous or as similar as possible product.If the buyer refuses to accept an analogous or similar product, the seller undertakes to return the money paid to the buyer within 5 (five) working days

7.5. After the buyer (user) has used Rule 4.3. the right provided for in point 4.7 of the Rules. clause, the Seller undertakes to return the money paid to the Buyer within 5 (five) working days, calculated from the day of receipt of the returned goods.

8. Payment procedure and terms

8.1 Billing

When placing an order, you can choose to pay by bank transfer, pay after delivery of the goods to the courier or through the most popular in Lithuania Paysera payment system. The Paysera system will allow you to pay with the help of Lithuanian banks' electronic banking. At the end of the order, you will be directed to the system, where you can choose the payment method acceptable to you.

9. Delivery of goods

9.1. When ordering goods, the buyer can choose the method of delivery of the goods, i.e. use the goods delivery service provided by the Seller or the Seller's goods pick-up point.

9.2. Delivery of goods to the Buyer:

9.2.1. The buyer, having chosen the delivery service during the order, undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery of the goods.

9.2.2. The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that he cannot accept the goods himself, and the goods are delivered to the specified address and based on other data provided by the Buyer, the Buyer has no right to make claims to the Seller regarding the delivery of the goods to the wrong entity.

9.2.3. The goods are delivered by the Seller or his authorized representative.

9.2.4. Delivery and return (transportation) of goods in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania is paid for.

9.2.5. The goods are delivered on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania and the countries of the European Union.

9.3. Receipt of goods at the Seller's goods collection points:

9.3.1. The buyer can pick up the goods free of charge from the Seller's pick-up point, located at: Baršausko 66A, PC Molas, Kaunas or V. Kudirkos 3, Marijampolė.

9.3.2 . The ordered goods must be picked up no later than within 3 (three) working days, counted from the moment of receipt of the Seller's confirmation that the order is ready.

9.3.3. The goods can only be collected by the person who placed the order or the person indicated at the time of placing the order. When picking up the goods, it is necessary to have with you and present to the Seller a valid identity document (identity card, passport or new driver's license).

9.4. The Seller delivers the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the terms specified in the product descriptions, but no later than within 30 days from the date of conclusion of the contract (unless the parties have agreed otherwise). The Seller undertakes to inform about changes in the delivery term and in this case, if the Seller does not have the ordered product. In all cases, the Seller undertakes to obtain the Buyer's consent to extend the delivery period. If the user does not agree to extend the contract term, he has the right to terminate the contract and recover the money paid as soon as possible.

9.5. In all cases, the Seller is released from responsibility for the violation of the terms of delivery of the goods, if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or are delivered late due to the fault of the Buyer or due to circumstances beyond the control of the Buyer

9.6. At the time of delivery of the goods to the Buyer, the Buyer must together with the Seller or his authorized representative check the condition of the shipment and the goods(s) and sign the shipment transfer - acceptance document. After the buyer signs the shipment transfer - acceptance document, it is considered that the shipment is delivered in a suitable condition, there are no product damages, the origin of which cannot be attributed to a factory defect, and there are no inconsistencies in the product(s) assembly (such as can be determined during the external inspection of the goods). Having noticed that the package of the delivered shipment is damaged (crumpled, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the product(s) is damaged and/or the product(s) is not properly assembled, the Buyer must note this in the shipment transfer - acceptance document and , in the presence of the Seller or his representative, to draw up a free-form act of violation/nonconformities of the shipment and/or product(s). If the Buyer does not perform these actions, the Seller is exempted from responsibility towards the Buyer for damage to the goods, if the basis for the occurrence of such damage is not a factory defect, and for inconsistencies in the composition of the goods, if these inconsistencies can be determined during an external inspection of the goods.

10. Product quality guarantee and expiration date

10.1. The characteristics of each product sold by "" are generally indicated in the product description attached to each product.

10.2. The seller is not responsible for the fact that the color, shape or other parameters of the goods in the online store may not correspond to the real size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristics of the display used by the Buyer.

10.3. The seller provides a 14-day return guarantee for the goods.

10.4. In the event that the Seller does not provide a quality guarantee for certain types of goods, the guarantee provided by the relevant legal acts shall apply.

11. Returns and Exchanges

11.1 Inappropriate quality goods or quality goods, the shape, size, color, model or completeness of which the Buyer does not like, are exchanged or returned in accordance with the rules for the return and exchange of goods approved by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania of the Minister in 2001 June 29 by order no. 217 (Journal of Laws, 2001, No. 58-2105; 2012, No. 34-1637), the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and other valid legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

11.2 Information about possible defects is provided in the product description.

11.2. The goods sold in accordance with these Rules are included in the list provided in clause 17 of the Rules for the return and exchange of goods (category: printed books, reproductions and other articles of the printing industry (codes according to the Combined nomenclature–4901-4911), therefore, quality goods, at the Buyer's request, are replaced or the money paid for the goods is returned, only with the Seller's agreement and in compliance with the following conditions:

11.3. To return the product(s) 11.1. In the cases indicated in the clause of the rules, the Buyer must inform the Seller by e-mail.

11.4. In order to return or exchange goods, the Buyer must also comply with the following conditions:

11.4.1. the returned item must be in its original, neat packaging (this clause does not apply in the case of returning a defective item);

114.2. the quality product must be undamaged by the Buyer, the appearance of the product packaging has not been changed (changes to the appearance of the product or its packaging, which were necessary to inspect the product, cannot be considered essential changes to the appearance of the product) ;

11.5.3. the product must be unused, without loss of merchandise appearance (label intact, protective film not torn off, etc.) (this clause does not apply in the case of returning a defective product) ;

11.5.4. the quality item must be of the same configuration as the one received by the Buyer;

11.5.5. when returning the product, it is necessary to present a document confirming its purchase.

11.6. The Seller has the right not to accept the goods returned by the Buyer and/or not to return the money paid by the Buyer for the goods, if the Buyer has not followed the procedure for returning the goods established in clauses 11.4 and 11.5 of the Rules.

11.7. Goods at a post machine or at the Seller's goods pick-up point, located at Respublikos 6A, Telšiai, on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The obligation to deliver the returned or exchanged goods to the place specified in this clause of the Rules, as well as all related costs, is borne by the Buyer, except when goods of unsuitable quality are returned or exchanged.

11.8. The money paid for the returned goods is paid to the bank account specified by the Buyer no later than within 7 days. days from the day of return of the goods.

11.9. When returning or exchanging high-quality goods that meet the Buyer's order, the delivery fee for the goods is not returned or compensated to the Buyer.

11.10 When using a discount code during the purchase of goods (an additional discount can be applied automatically or manually) and returning part of the goods, the discount code (additional discount) is invalid and is accordingly deducted from the total amount of the order.

11.11 Discounts are not cumulative.

12. Responsibility

12.1. The buyer is fully responsible for the correctness of the personal data he provides. If the Buyer does not provide accurate personal data, the Seller is not responsible for the resulting consequences and acquires the right to demand compensation from the Buyer for direct losses incurred.

12.2. The buyer is responsible for actions taken while using this online store.

12.3. The registered Buyer is responsible for transferring his login data to third parties. If the services provided by "" are used by a third person who has connected to the online store using the Buyer's login data, the Seller considers this person to be the Buyer.

12.4. The Seller is released from any responsibility in cases where losses arise because the Buyer, regardless of the Seller's recommendations and his obligations, did not familiarize himself with these Rules, although such the opportunity was given to him.

12.5. If the Seller's online store contains links to the websites of other companies, institutions, organizations or individuals, the Seller is not responsible for the information or activities carried out there, does not supervise or control those websites and does not represent those companies and individuals.

12.6. In the event of damage, the guilty party compensates the other party for direct losses.

12.7. The Seller is not responsible for the proper performance of mutual obligations between the Buyer and the Seller's partners whose services the Buyer orders

13. Information exchange

13.1. The seller sends all messages in accordance with 2.2 of the Rules. the procedure provided for in paragraph 1. to the e-mail address provided by the Buyer.

13.2. The buyer sends all messages and questions by means of communication specified in the "Contacts" section of the Seller's online store.

14. Final Provisions

14.1. These Rules are drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

14.2. Relations arising on the basis of these Rules shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

14.3. All disputes arising from the implementation of these Rules shall be resolved by negotiation. If an agreement cannot be reached, disputes are resolved according to the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Happy shopping!